Zombie Halloween

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Hoping you get a little Zombie in you!


Are your Pantyhose making you cough?

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Pantyhose may do many things for a woman but I doubt if coughing is one of them.

This next video is completely experimental as it stands alone as a reflection of our culture and the fetishes that arise from societal bonding.

Hey I just work here.

Treat of Darkness

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Slip into an Enchanted Wood where Mystery Mika is taking a short cut to her girlfriends house. What starts out as a causal walk in her coffee pantyhose, sexy black pumps and tangy grape motorcycle jacket turns into a do or die duel.

Welcome to the Several Days of Scream at Pantyhose Haven.

Give me goose bumps or else!

For those of you who were in diapers or worse in 1981 and or just don’t get the joke because you’ve never heard of the Entity? Here is a word from the experts:

Tune in for more Horror Spoofs and Tributes during this Month of Scream at Pantyhose Haven.


Alluring Cuban Heel: The Return of the Pantyhose Mistress

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Dearest WordPress Pantyhose Community,

I deeply miss you. You run gently along my soles and catch on every snag.

However, I am a love sick foot servant myself and need to work harder to keep up with my Masters wishes.

Being a good servant girl comes with much responsibility!

To catch up here’s a video that is doing really well on youtube- I was hoping that the wordpress intellectual community could tell me why.

Dance for Love

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Put your fetish to work in a trance with techno nylons!

To the beat of our heart ,we will do the dance of love

You can’t get enough of that hot stuff

The Lil Black Bikini Chronicles for Bottoms

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Once upon a time there were a pair of itsy bitsy black bikini bottoms that belonged to a dancer chick named Cat.

They fit very tight and were gathered with an elastic string

In the dressing room one day

Mika realized that she didn’t bring any bottoms to match

Cat borrowed her the lil black bikini bottoms

Later that month the girls had a fight

that was that!

Mika never returned the lil black bikini for bottoms

instead we used them for this video:

opps there weren’t any shots of my bare feet.

How about Winona Ryder standing in for my bare feet!

Race Cars and Rock Stars

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Alisa Apps is Mystery Mika obsession as the clock ticks toward the midnight hour. I want to be at Chicagoland Speedway on September 7th… to catch a glimpse of Alisa in person!

It is very rare that you can find this sort of subtle honesty

I get the feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of this ballsy youtube vixen!